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The first e-commerce in Indonesia for Organic Agriculture products such as coconut sugar, coffee beans, specializes in exporting our quality goods.

As an Indonesian exporter, we are connecting farmers and suppliers with International buyers, but as a social enterprise, we are putting forth sustainable farming first, focusing on the farmers’ well being, caring and also taking responsibility for the environment impacted by our farming.

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100% Organic Coconut Sugar & Coffee Beans

Tanihood is the finest coconut sugar, coffee beans & brown sugar exporter from Indonesia. Coconut sugar is made from coconut blossom, it’s recommended as an organic alternate to cane sugar, and very delicious in taste. Coconut sugar contains high percentage of organic ingredients and mineral content when compare with any sweeteners. Tanihood coconut sugar is 100% organic and it has natural health benefits comparing to cane sugar which has chemicals, bleaching and anti fermenting agent. Coconut trees are one of the greatest gift from nature, producing coconut sugar without harming soil nutrients, producing coconut sugar as a finest healthy organic product.

Tanihood only collects the coconut sugar and coffee beans from the wild forest. We do not use caged luwak, to ensure ethical process. The use of coconut sugar is increasing and it is used as a replacement of harmful cane sugar in most of the recipes. You can use coconut sugar as an alternative to regular sugar without compromising on taste, as coconut sugar is very delicious. Coconut sugar can be  used in baking, in desserts or in shakes and hot drinks. You will love to add coconut sugar in tea/coffee and all the sweet dishes around there.

Why tanihood?

Our excellent track record–born out of good business and our very own Indonesia farmers empowering programs–is generating trust from Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, therefore entrusting us to market Organic Agriculture Products, coconut sugar & coffee beans from the one amazing Government program, 1000 Desa Organik or the 1000 Organic Villages.

Curated Products

Curated Products

Only carefully selected products will be listed here



We deliver as promised

Verified Supplier

Verified Supplier

Only those with legal registrations, upright track record, and applying good farming system are welcome

Fair Pricing

Fair Pricing

We practice transparency and our farmers earned better income

Certified Organic

Certified Organic

International and national certifications; EU, USDA, COR, and SNI



You can track your order from harvest to shipment

Being Best is Always First

We are committing ourselves in empowering our Indonesia farmers to be the best by giving them educational farming programs. Making Indonesian Agriculture a better industry, one Indonesia farmer at a time.

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frequently asked questions

Are the products displayed only Agriculture products?

Yes. Tanihood application solely focused on Agriculture Products like coconut sugar, coffee beans and as for now only sells dried products.

Are the products displayed only Organic products?

Yes. Most products with a minimal exporting standards can be fulfilled with an organic certification.

I have a product I’m willing to sell, but I’m not part of a Farmer Group, can I still sign up on Tanihood?

Yes, you may still sign up, as long as the product you’re selling classifies to be an Agriculture product like coconut sugar or coffee beans and have passed the exporting standards. Also, Tanihood may verify your documents in order to attain credibility as a supplier.

Since Tanihood have an Exporting License, can I use Tanihood services for marketing purposes only?

Tanihood will only export goods under its own company. However, Tanihood can still assist you in displaying your products inside the application under the Product Display.

Does Tanihood have an Importing Service?

No. There’s currently no importing services in Tanihood.

What kind of Agriculture Products will Tanihood refuse to handle?

Tanihood will not handle commodities that are prohibited by the government from both the receiving and sending ends, dangerous commodities, and limited commodities.

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