4 Main Benefits of Eating Organic Food

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Unless you’re living under a rock, you must have come across the term Organic food at least once these days. Organic food has become very popular in terms of its benefits to our health. Is it true to its claim, that Organic food is better for your mental and physical health?

What is Organic? The term “organic” is a way of agricultural products being grown and processed. Relying on non-chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and leaving out all other synthetic enhancer, the crops strictly must only be processed in the most natural ways. Not only focusing on the crops, organic farming will also have certain impact on the environment surrounding it.

So, what the fuss is all about with the benefits of Organic food?

First of all, as it is elaborated previously, organic crops will contain fewer pesticides. Widely used chemicals in conventional farming will leave residue on (and in) the food we eat. Surely this will have an impact on your health in the long or short term.

Organic food is richer in nutrients. A study published by The Organic Center, reveals that organic food is higher in certain key areas such as total antioxidant capacity. And it is often fresher than their regular counterpart. Because it doesn’t contain preservatives, organic produce will last longer.

In many ways, organic farming is better for the environment. Again, because organic farming doesn’t use any synthetic chemicals, it does not pose any risk of soil and underground water contamination. Farming without pesticides is also better for animals, birds, trees, and people living close by.

Organic food of course tastes better! Well-nourished soil produces healthy, strong plants and organic foods are often grown with a focus for taste over appearance. Don’t believe us? Try it, once you get a taste of Organic food and its many benefits, you will not look back to your old ordinary life!

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