5 Core Benefits of Coconut Sugar

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Coconut sugar is known as a great alternative to table sugar, it is dehydrated and made with coconut palm naturally. Coconut sugar has become very popular for those who have health issues cause it has very low fructose and glycemic index. It does contains the healthy minerals and antioxidants as compared to refined sugar. We have compiled a list of top 5 amazing benefits of coconut sugar which are the main reason it has caught attention in the past few years.

Benefits of Coconut Sugar

1. Very Low Glycemic Index Count

The glycemic index is a calculated measurement for carbohydrate effect on our blood sugar and glucose level. Coconut sugar is rated and analyzed on very low glycemic index count. It is rated as 30-35 ranks on the index as compared to the high amount of glycemic index in table sugar which ranges from 60-65. This is a very high level of glycemic index and it can cause the blood sugar to shoot from normal to very high level of insulin in your body. Above all, coconut sugar has got an amazing fiber called insulin which slows down the glucose absorption in human body.

Glycemic Index Classification

2. High on Nutrients

As coconut sugar making process is natural it has high amount of calories. Regular white table sugar has zero calories, which means it’s very low on nutrients. Coconut sugar is can make a great impact on your health as it’s high on antioxidants, iron, calcium and potassium.

High on Fructose

3. Not refined

White sugar refining process is very extensive as compared to coconut sugar refining process is 100% natural. Coconut sugar is considered one of the most beneficial natural sweeteners used widely in baking, desserts, drinks and cooking. Coconut sugar is made straight out from nature.

Not Refined Coconut Sugar

4. Less fructose

When we measure Fructose level in coconut sugar and white sugar, we get amazing figures. Fructose is a calculation which sugar converts into fats by our body. Fructose is very hard to break down and only our liver is able to break fructose down. Coconut sugar contains around 30% of fructose as compared to white table sugar which is very very high on both fructose and glucose. Cane sugar is on the other side contains around 50% of fructose.

Less Fructose Coconut Sugar

5. Better electrolytes

Do you that coconut sugar has around 400 times more potassium, magnesium and sodium as opposed to white sugar? Being high on nutrient it has great ability to regulate the body’s water content. So, make sure your family use coconut sugar in routine rather than the white sugar which is not good for healthy lifestyle.

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