5 Things about Coconut Sugar

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Added regular sugar can be found anywhere in food and drinks, even in the most unexpected products. According to experts, sugar consumption is the major cause of obesity and a lot of chronic diseases, including diabetes. To avoid such diseases, people need to find a better choice for a sweetener, for instance, coconut sugar.


Coconut sugar Indonesia is now very popular amongst people who have turned their lifestyle to the more healthier. These are 5 things about coconut sugar that you may be interested in: 


  1. Coconut sugar (sometimes called coconut palm sugar or coconut crystals) is made from flower buds sap of the coconut palm that has been extracted and boiled and finally dehydrated. It is less highly processed compared to regular sugar, hence it is considered as a natural sweetener. The taste and looks are similar to brown sugar, caramel-sweet and caramel-colored.
  2. Not just as a natural sweetener, coconut sugar is also considered as a healthier sweetener when compared to table sugar. The level of Glycemic Index is lower at 35, whilst regular sugar is approximately at twice the amount. Coconut sugar Indonesia can retain its vitamins and minerals thanks to the minimal processing that it went through. Also, inulin fiber that is found in coconut sugar, will help prevent colon cancer by keeping your gut clean. But still, coconut sugar Indonesia should be consumed in moderation, of course.
  3. As a substitute for sweetener, coconut sugar definitely can be used in your cooking, baking, and drinks. Mix in a couple of teaspoons in your coffee or tea if you prefer a bit of sweetness in the morning. Replace brown sugar with coconut sugar Indonesia in baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies, as it has the same deep caramelly taste. Any recipe that calls for sugar or brown sugar, just replace it with coconut sugar. The taste will definitely amazes you.
  4. Coconut sugar is better. Organic coconut sugar, is even better. Why? Because organic farming means not using any artificial chemicals whatsoever. That is why organic coconut sugar Indonesia may contain more nutrients than the regular one, such as vitamins, zinc, iron, and antioxidants. On the plus side, you will be supporting and practicing the environmental-friendly ways for a better Earth!
  5. With a lot of areas filled with coconut trees, Indonesia was, and still, one of the top producers of organic coconut sugar. But today, with a more well-organized management and implementation on its organic coconut sugar production, Indonesia also became one of the best importers of the produce. One of those best importers for organic coconut sugar Indonesia, is Tanihood, which is recognized by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture. You can visit https://market.tanihood.com for premium coconut sugar Indonesia with EU, USDA, and JAS organic certifications.
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