A Brief History of Indonesia Coffee

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Coffee journey in the world starts from a legend in Ethiopia about the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau, where the potential of these beloved beans was first discovered. The power of words then bringing these beans across the globe, starting from the Arabian Peninsula, where coffee cultivation and trade truly began. Pilgrims from all around the world visited the holy city of Mecca, and bringing knowledge about the “wine of Araby” back to their original countries, including in Europe, and then the rest is history.


In Indonesia particularly, coffee was first brought at a time of colonization by the Dutch in 1696. A VOC commander by the name of Adrian van Ommen brought the coffee seeds from back home to Batavia–also known as Jakarta now, and cultivated it there. The coffee plants grew very well because it was planted at a high altitude in the west of Java, resulting in a superb Indonesian coffee beans. The first 1711 harvest was sent by the VOC to Europe. It became such a big hit in Europe, that the term “a cup of Java” emerge, referring to a cup of coffee from Java. Besides in the Arabian Peninsula and Ethiopia, Indonesia is one of the first countries in the 18th century where the coffee plantation is on a very large scale. Then in a span of 10 years, the export rate for Indonesian coffee beans significantly increased to 60 tonnes per year, and continuously increasing for the next years.


Today, coffee cultivation in Indonesia has become a culture that’s been passed down through generations. In that culture, the evergrowing locations of coffee plantations is not only where the production is done, but some of them also serves as coffee ecotourism, where visitors from around the world can learn about many things, coffee related.


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