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To cut sugar out of our lives is tough. Lucky for us sweet tooths alike or for others living life with the occasional sweet treats, there is an easy way to be healthier by using healthier options available.


One of those healthier options gotta be coconut sugar, that is made from sap from the cut flowers buds of the coconut palm tree. Coconut sugar is low in glycemic index and in fructose, and because it’s less processed, it may retain more nutrients. The flavor is neutral and tastes nothing like coconut, perfect as an alternative sweetener for your everyday intake.


In food; baked goods and drinks, coconut sugar became the ideal healthier and more delicious option. It has a mild caramel and nutty flavor that makes our cooking or baking slightly earthy. Its taste is often described as fuller and slightly toasted and slightly less sweet than white sugar but nevertheless full of flavor. Coconut sugar is perfect for brownies, chocolate chip cookies, apple pies, chicken wings, or to put into your coffee or tea. Basically, as a white sugar replacement, coconut sugar can be used in anything.


Honey is also often used as an alternative for sweetener, but when compared to coconut sugar, it has some inferior points. When compared to coconut sugar, honey is only about 80% as sweet as sugar, whereas the sweetness of coconut sugar is comparable to ordinary white sugar. In one teaspoon of coconut sugar, contains fewer calories and carbs than in one teaspoon of honey.


As we realized that everything is better organic nowadays, the same law also applies to coconut sugar. Because it is processed without using any chemicals whatsoever, organic coconut sugar retained more nutrients when compared to its ordinary counterpart.


Organic coconut sugar is in high demand among international importer, yet a well-established organic coconut sugar exporter is still scarce in Indonesia. So you need Tanihood–an organic coconut sugar exporter recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture Indonesia, selling only certified EU, COR, NOP organic coconut sugar. Tanihood works together with farmer groups from the government program 1000 Organic Villages to provide the finest organic coconut sugar for you. Get your certified organic coconut sugar at www.tanihood.com.

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