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It is well known in the coffee world, that Arabica coffee is the hero of coffee beans, and has secured its place at the top of the game as the superior type. It is the number one most popular coffee in the world, making Robusta, a more inferior type of coffee, second place. But actually, there is more to it than just that with Robusta coffee.


Most people are confident that there is no better coffee than Arabica coffee, but some may beg to differ. We shouldn’t be too sure that Robusta is the villain of coffee, therefore undesirable and doesn’t deserve a chance to prove itself. It’s true that organic Robusta is often said tastes bitter and rubber-like, this is due to the higher content of caffeine (around twice more than Arabica) and lesser sugar. That’s why as a plant, organic Robusta is resilient and less susceptible to diseases and pests. Apparently, the stronger taste of caffeine is also the reason why Robusta is in high demand in Italy, the land of espresso.


Did you know that the blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee makes a great flavor to espresso blends? Yes, a high-quality Robusta will do just this, and it will also make your espresso topped with a nice and thick crema. So, if your taste preferences are more to the earthy, strong and harsher flavor notes, a bit of Robusta Indonesia added to your blend will make wonders for your taste buds.


Indonesia is one of the best and largest producers of Robusta coffee. Most of Robusta Indonesia coffee beans are of export quality and very famous for its flavor and aroma overseas. One of organic Robusta coffee that coffee lovers should try is Tutur coffee, originated from East Java, Indonesia. A tourist favorite, Tutur coffee has a hint of caramel, spice to its flavor, with excellent cereally, sweet corn, and rice beans taste.


You can get Tutur coffee beans Indonesia and other organic Robusta coffee beans at tanihood.com. With EU organic certification, Tanihood is the best marketplace specializing in export, also for purchasing high-quality Robusta coffee beans Indonesia and other agriculture products.

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