Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Coffee

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Did you know, that besides drinking it to start the day and keeping you energized for the rest of the day, coffee has a lot of health and beauty benefits? Read on to discover many reasons why you should wake up and smell the coffee.

You can get more antioxidants from coffee than anything else. Antioxidants are substances that prevent or delay cell damage, and they can control how fast you age by fighting free radicals. Even though fruits and vegetables contain a lot of antioxidants, but apparently the human body can absorb the most from coffee!

Coffee is also good for your liver. A study published in 2006 showed that those who drink at least one cup of coffee a day were 20% less to develop liver cirrhosis–an autoimmune disease caused by excessive alcohol consumption that could lead to liver failure and cancer. So, heads up for alcohol drinker!

Caffeine may lower skin cancer risk. This is also the result of a recent study that shows an association between high coffee intake and the decrease in risk of a certain type of skin cancer called melanoma.

Now, if you can’t–or simply don’t like drinking coffee, there are other ways that you can benefit from it too. Coffee is the perfect ingredient as a scrub, as it is not harsh on the skin. A mix of coffee grounds, olive oil, and brown sugar will buff away the dead skin cells on your face by massaging it gently. If not on the face, coffee grounds can also be used to massage your scalp as a great exfoliator. This will help to get rid of excess product build up and dead skin cells too.

For glowing skin, take half a cup of coffee and mix it with a few spoons of milk for thick consistency, use this mixture as a face mask and leave it for 10-15 minutes, and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

So, for coffee lovers, after delving deeper into the benefits of coffee, these findings will make you love this ‘wonder drink’ even more. And for non-coffee drinker, you can thank us later!

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