Arabica and Robusta, What Are the Differences?

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From over 100 types of coffee species around the world, Arabica and Robusta–both are primary types of coffee, are respectively at number one and runner up for the most popular in the world. But after they are roasted, you couldn’t really tell the difference. So, what distinguishes them from one another? Why is Arabica more desirable by consumers than Robusta? Why is Robusta verdicted as the inferior coffee? Which one should you choose?


Here are several main differences between the two widely produced and sold coffee:

  1. Taste-wise, Arabica coffee beans tend to taste sweeter and softer, with a hint of sugar, berries, and fruits. It is higher in acidity, yet it is an excellent acidity. Whereas Robusta coffee beans has a taste often described as burnt rubber or tire with a peanutty aftertaste, due to it containing higher caffeine and less sugar. Therefore much more suited to taste buds with harsher and stronger preferences. Nevertheless, a good Robusta is a valued addition for Espresso blends, as it makes a deep flavor and good crema.
  2. Robusta is easier to grow, as it is a resilient type of coffee plant. The higher content of caffeine and less sugar makes it less sensitive to pests and plant diseases. And they produce fruit much quicker. Arabica, on the other hand, needs more time to come to maturity, more prone to plant diseases and pests.
  3. Because Arabica takes more time to harvest and takes more effort to grow, therefore it is naturally pricier than Robusta organic coffee beans Indonesia.


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