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Java Rancak Coffee, An Award-Winning Very Special Coffee with GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATION – HYANG ARGUPURO


Our specialty Arabica coffee is very popular among coffee lovers. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll understand how special our organic coffee beans Indonesia are. With an 84-85 cupping score, our specialty Arabica coffee–originated from East Java, won the highest award at the Indonesian Coffee Festival.


The geographical indication certification means our organic coffee beans Indonesia is one of a kind with a very unique fine taste and aroma, with a hint of spice, a touch of caramelly flavor, floral and also lemony. The coffee has low acidity, yet chocolatey taste to it. Received positive feedback from both local and international judges and participants.


All processes are in accordance with the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia’s (SCAI) quality standards. And it is also good to know that this coffee has EU and COR organic certification.


Your high-end-coffee-enthusiast customers would love HYANG ARGUPURO, a coffee that tastes like no other!


The Cobra from Java


The coffee beans Indonesia known as Arabica Cobra (short for Colombia Brasil), is marketed at the local market as the brand “Kopi Lanang”. It has been in high demand as of late, because of the characteristic of scents that the coffee has such as a mix of leaves, wood, and some kind of earthy scents, and the color is not too jet black. Along with a woody aroma and low acidity, other flavors that are characteristic of the Java Cobra coffee beans Indonesia are nutty, spicy, astringent, and chocolatey with a bitter aftertaste at the end, bringing up a total of 82-83 on the cupping score with an EU and COR organic certification.


Our coffee beans Indonesia plantation–located at the slopes of mount Argopuro, East Java, has a beautiful and clean air, which is at an altitude of 1200 meters above the sea, the plant produces a very lush harvest, and has high endurance against drought, also naturally able to withstand Hemileia Vastatrix–which is a fungus that causes coffee leaf rust (CLR).


Our coffee beans Indonesia is known for its unique and heartwarming taste. Mother nature is so kind as to offer us a fertile land, providing the best nutrition for our coffee plants. We put our best effort making sure all processes are natural, so you can still taste the best of nature’s produce in your cup of coffee.


Award-Winning Coffee from A Clean Conservation Land


This coffee is chosen by the Konferensi Kopi Seluruh Indonesia (Indonesian Coffee Conference) 2017 as one of the 16 best coffee beans Indonesia, and also became the primadonna at the World Plantation Conferences and Exhibition (WPCE) 2017 for local and international visitors.


Grown in the clean air of the conservation slope of Mount Arjuno, at the altitude of 1000-1500 meters above sea level, our organic Arabica coffee beans Indonesia is rich in flavor and aroma since the volcanic soil is abundant in natural nutrients. A creamy, caramelly, and a unique savory taste characterized this Java Green Mountain Arjuna organic coffee Indonesia. Originated from East Java, the coffee with a woody and earthy hinted in the aroma, is EU and COR certified organic with 82-83 cupping score.

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