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Tanihood is leading Coconut Sugar Exporter in Indonesia with USDA,EU,COR,SNI Organic Certificate. We Offer Finest Coco Beans & Brown
Sugar Worldwide. Ready for Packaging.

We only collect the coffee beans from the wild forest. We do not use caged luwak, to ensure ethical process. fruity, sweet and smooth
flavors. low to medium Acidity. aluminum bag Packaging. 13% max Moisture

We book orders on a 50% deposit for a minimum of 20 feet Container Load purchase. We accept Letter of Credit, Telegraphic Transfer
and Western Union. For your peace of mind, we provide you a Real-Time Tracking Order System.

You can check on your orders starting from planting, harvesting, production, packaging, and shipping from time to time. Excellent
handling of orders placed will be ensured in order to maintain the quality of your goods.

For more products information check our marketplace at https://market.tanihood.com

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