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Coconut is one of the important ingredients in many Indonesian dishes, it is often present in a lot of recipes, including the famous ‘Rendang’. One of the reason being is, Indonesia is a tropical country–ideal to grow coconut trees, therefore coconut became a produce that is easily accessible.


Coconut plays an important role in the national economy of Indonesia, making  it the second largest coconut producer in the world. And it is very much appreciated by the locals because of the value every part of a coconut has. Starting from the fruit itself is delicious and nutritious to be consumed; the stem is very useful as building materials; the big leaves are often used for decorations, rice cake wraps, or as a roof above your head; and last but not least the sap is useful in the production of coconut sugar.


Organic coconut sugar is now more popular than ever. The term organic means it does not contain any chemicals whatsoever, plus it’s much more nutritious than its ordinary counterpart, which will have a good impact on your health. In high demand by international importer, organic coconut products is still scarce in Indonesia. There are still not many organic coconut sugar supplier available. Luckily, as an experienced Indonesian exporter, Tanihood.com provides the best organic products you need, including organic coconut sugar, VCO, and other organic coconut products. We are the first e-commerce in Indonesia, guaranteed the best high-quality organic products that are curated from verified suppliers.

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