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Indonesia has the honor to become the world’s fourth-largest coffee producer after Vietnam
and Brazil, therefore also becoming one of the largest coffee beans exporter. Because of its
fertile landscapes all throughout the country which are suitable for plantations including
coffee, there are a wide variety of coffee beans in Indonesia. Coffee beans in Indonesia has
the potential to reach a whopping 30 beans in variant if based solely on their geographical
location. One of the reason why people love Indonesian coffee is due to its wide variation
and distinct special flavor that each of them has.

The few of the world famous coffee beans in Indonesia includes Gayo, Toraja, and
Sidikalang. The first one is planted at the highland of Gayo, located at the Bukit Barisan
mountain range in Aceh. Categorized as premium coffee, Gayo has a sweet aroma and not-
so-bitter taste to it. It is mild in acidity, has a light cherry notes with a full body and has a
smooth aftertaste. Aceh’s naturally lush conditions and supported by the weather, are able to
produce high-quality coffee such as Gayo.

As for Toraja coffee, it also has a relatively low-toned, yet, more vibrant acidity. It is well-
balanced with ripe fruit and dark chocolate undertones. The fertile soil of the Toraja coffee
plantation has a volcanic quality, which gives the coffee distinctive fragrance. Therefore you
must keep the coffee in an airtight container before the coffee loses its aroma and flavour.
Toraja coffee is grown at a relatively high altitudes on the island of Sulawesi, formerly known
as Celebes, that is why the coffee is also known as Celebes. But the best Toraja coffee
comes from the small farms north of Toraja, a much more higher altitudes area than the
other Toraja coffee farms.

Coming from North Sumatra, Sidikalang coffee has a unique flavor profile that is distinctive
yet familiar. It has a dark chocolate, caramel and earthy notes with a little herbs and spices.
The flavor is balanced with a slightly bright acidity, and has a long and pleasant aftertaste.
To be precise, Sidikalang coffee plantation is located in the plateau of Dairi, in the area of
Bukit Barisan, which is a land rich with minerals.

With the long history and wide variety of coffee that Indonesia has under its belt, hopefully
the coffee culture will grow even more bigger and be the national pride of Indonesia.

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