Coffee from Indonesia, Wet-Hulling or Giling Basah

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If you learn about coffee from Indonesia, you will definitely also learn about wet-hulling, or the term in Bahasa Indonesia called giling basah. It is a method before the coffee is roasted and consumed, which transforms a coffee fruit into a dry green coffee bean. This method is a fast and traditional method that is popularly used in Indonesia. With the purpose of speeding up the process due to Indonesia’s high humidity and rainfall, which can cause a long drying process if using a regular method.


This method started off with separating the coffee bean from the layers of parchment that is covering it, by going through a specific manual tool that is widely sold at the market. And then the beans are immersed into a concrete tank of water followed by washing the beans to remove the mucilage completely, and then sun-dried in a wet parchment for approximately 2-3 days. After reaching a certain dry rate, then the coffee beans that are now green in color are sold to buyers.


Taste-wise, organic coffee beans that go through a wet-hulled process, tend to have a strong and rich earthy flavor with less sweetness and acidity, which values often fall under the standards. But nevertheless, these coffee beans are still popular for its unique flavor profile, and other than that, because of what it brings to the table when served as a shot of Espresso. If being consistently strong and flavorful is what some people seek in a cup of coffee, then these wet-hulled method coffee beans will always have loyal fans.


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