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In the late 1600s to early 1700s at the time of the Dutch colonial, coffee cultivation was introduced and began in Indonesia, which very well suited the country’s climate. Starting from Batavia at that time, coffee plantation soon expanded to other provinces throughout Java, Sumatera, and Sulawesi. And until now, coffee plantation reached approximately 1,24 Ha on the land of Indonesia.


Indonesia has at least more than ten provinces that produce superior coffees. Flavors vary between these coffee beans, including spice, nuttiness, sweetness, or chocolatey. Also, some coffee from Indonesia is herbally, citrusy, slightly woody or caramelly. Other than its superb and complex taste, coffee from Indonesia also has some unique preparations.


For instance, an Aceh coffee called Tabalek Coffee is served in an upside-down cup placed on a saucer or small bowl complete with a straw. To drink it, you are supposed to blow into the straw in order for the coffee to seep out. Or coffee that is served in a cup that shaped like a coconut shell with cinnamon as a straw, called Takar coffee which originated from North Sumatera. Or coffee from Indonesia called Talua coffee from West Sumatera, which is mixed with egg yolk that would certainly baffle anyone that hasn’t tried it yet, but in reality, it is pretty tasty.


The Indonesian government realized how much potential our coffee has, and decided to support and help the farmers to improve their ability in producing organic coffee from Indonesia in a proper organic plantation, and also giving education for the farmers’ own well-being. This means a series of trainings, such as on digital marketing and financial literacy, will be given to the farmers. Hopefully, these trainings will eventually contribute to producing the best organic coffee from Indonesia, worthy of competing in the International market.


Tanihood has also collaborated with Allianz Indonesia and EDU Foundation to support our farmers in achieving great things. On the plus side, Tanihood–a well-established and the best organic coffee exporter in Indonesia, will always provide you with premium organic coffee from Indonesia.

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