Coffee Processing Method: Semi-Washed and Fully-Washed

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Before graded and going through a long, complicated process of cupping, coffee beans Indonesia are intentionally classified beforehand by differentiating the way the coffee cherries are processed and washed after picking.

The fully-washed process, otherwise known as the wet process is the longer one compared to semi-washed, as the cherries went through a pre-selection by submerging them in water which will ensure their ripeness. If the coffee cherries are submerged to the bottom then they are determined ripe, and vice versa for the floating ones.


The next step is to separate fruit from bean using a machine, which will not always have a clean outcome. Which will take us to the next step, that is fermentation, to help fully separate the coffee beans Indonesia from the fruits. Fermentation inside the water should be done with caution, for it to not disturb the final outcome of the coffee beans Indonesia. And finally, the beans went through another washing process in order to be thoroughly clean from sap.

In Indonesia, the most common is the semi-washed processed coffee, or ‘wet-hulled’ (giling basah). It is a more simple and short process, by only going through fewer washing steps. The outer skin of the cherries is removed by washing them, similar to fully-washed coffee. But the difference is, they are only washed once as the sap remains on the parchment and is sundried. And then finally, the parchment is removed.


These processes will determine their distinct difference in flavors. Going through a fully-washed process will create much cleaner and brighter beans, also much fruitier taste compared to the semi-washed beans. While the fully-washed coffee beans Indonesia are more on the acidic side with enhanced clarity, the semi-washed process creates bolder coffee with more body and complexity.


If you’re trying to decide which process creates the better coffee, unfortunately, it’s a matter of personal preferences. If you like your coffee with fruitier and cleaner taste then go with the fully-washed beans. But if you like them bold and full, by all means, pick the semi-washed ones. But without a doubt, both processes make amazing coffees with a certain unique taste to them.

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