Difference Between Coconut Sugar, Palm Sugar, and Brown Sugar

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Solely by appearance, you couldn’t really tell the difference between organic coconut sugar, palm sugar, and brown sugar in Indonesia. But if you look closely enough, there are some distinct differences that sets them apart between one another.


Although the name is organic coconut sugar or palm sugar, it does not taste like coconut. The taste of organic coconut sugar is very similar to brown sugar in Indonesia and has a slight caramel notes to it, whereas pure palm sugar comes with a smokier taste, even though it also has many of the same notes as organic coconut sugar. Note that palm sugar is also the most fragrant of the two.


While brown sugar in Indonesia is simply regular sugar with the addition of molasses contained in it, organic coconut sugar comes from the buds of coconut trees, and palm sugar is harvested from the sap of the sugar palm trees.


Health-wise, organic coconut sugar and palm sugar has a slight difference. Both have great benefits in their low glycemic indexes, which means they don’t cause “sugar high” like their regular counterpart. But, palm sugar contains more minerals than organic coconut sugar, that it has been found to heal throat and lung infections.


On the other hand, because of its molasses content, brown sugar in Indonesia does contain certain minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium, but their minuscule amounts does nothing significant to your health.


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