Different Types of Coffee Roasts

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Coffee is the craze these days in Indonesia. For beginners, these knowledge that are about
to be shared are pretty important in order to know your preferences for a cup of Java! There
are a variety of roasts available for coffee, which determine the taste of the coffee in the cup.
Before roasted, coffee beans Indonesia are green in colour and are soft, with a grassy smell
with little to no taste whatsoever. After roasted, coffee beans Indonesia will transformed into
these flavorful aromatic beans that we have known to love.

The easiest way (but not always accurate) to differentiate coffee roast levels is by looking at
the color of the roasted beans. As it absorb the heat in the roasting process, the beans
becomes darker. At higher temperatures, oils will appear on the surface of the beans. As
mentioned before, it is not always accurate to look at the color in order to recognized the
coffee roast levels, but it sure is convenient.

The first coffee roast is the light coffee roast, or also known as the Light City Roast, Half City
Roast, Cinnamon Roast, or the New England Roast. The beans are light brown in color, and
also has no oil on the surface of the beans as it is light bodied. Taste-wise, they can taste
sour and grainy. Also, light coffee roast retains most of the caffeine from the coffee bean.




Like the lighter coffee roast, medium roasted coffee beans Indonesia have no oil on their
surfaces. But on the other hand, medium roast coffee beans Indonesia lack the grainy taste
of the light roasts, tasting more of a balanced flavour, aroma, and acidity, and has more
body. Common names within the medium coffee roast includes Regular Roast, American
Roast, City Roast, and Breakfast Roast.

As the roasted beans gets darker, the richer the color will be, with some oil starting to show
on the surface of the beans. The medium-dark coffee roast has a heavy body in comparison
with the lighter roasts. People in the US West prefers the medium-dark coffee roast, as the
acidity and characteristics of the green beans starts to mute, and exhibits more sweetness
and somewhat spiciness. Other names for the medium-dark coffee roast are Full City Roast,
After Dinner Roast, and Vienna Roast.




Now, as for the dark roasted coffee beans Indonesia, the beans are dark brown (almost
black) in color. They are shiny, due to the oil on the surface which is usually evident in the
cup. A cup of the dark roasted coffee beans Indonesia will generally have a bitter and smoky taste, and it is characterized by flavors of charcoal and tar, also a heavy mouthfeel and
strong flavor. The amount of caffeine is evidently decreased for this type of roast. Dark
roasted coffee beans Indonesia goes by several designation names, including French Roast,
Italian Roast, Espresso Roast, Continental Roast, New Orleans Roast, and Spanish Roast.

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