How do I submit my complaints against any products?


You can file a complaint by following these procedures:

  1. Send your complaint to complaint@tanihood.com.
  2. Send documents proving discrepancy on your orders, such as:
    • Proof of payment (bank slips, etc.)
      • Payment via bank transfer (T/T), with bank stamp attached.
      • Payment via Western Union, with MTCN attached.
      • Payment via Online Banking: Please screenshot the whole transaction page, with the URL and payment status attached.
    • Delivery Order.
    • Commercial Invoice.
    • Third-party inspection document.
    • Photo of products (taken no more than 3 days after product is received).
  3. Tanihood will forward the complaint to the Farmer, and they will provide the reasons for discrepancy in 2-3 working days.
  4. Tanihood will consider a solution for both parties.
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