Frequently Asked Questions


Are the products displayed only Agriculture products?

Yes. Tanihood application solely focused on Agriculture Products and as for now only sells dried products.

Are the products displayed only Organic products?

Yes. Most products with a minimal exporting standards can be fulfilled with an organic certification.

I have a product I’m willing to sell, but I’m not part of a Farmer Group, can I still sign up on Tanihood?

Yes, you may still sign up, as long as the product you’re selling classifies to be an Agriculture product and have passed the exporting standards. Also, Tanihood may verify your documents in order to attain credibility as a supplier.

Since Tanihood have an Exporting License, can I use Tanihood services for marketing purposes only?

Tanihood will only export goods under its own company. However, Tanihood can still assist you in displaying your products inside the application under the Product Display.

Does Tanihood have an Importing Service?

No. There’s currently no importing services in Tanihood.

What kind of Agriculture Products will Tanihood refuse to handle?

Tanihood will not handle commodities that are prohibited by the government from both the receiving and sending ends, dangerous commodities, and limited commodities.

Quality Assurance

How does Tanihood ensure the credibility of the Farmers?

Tanihood has carefully selected all the Farmer groups that is listed, by ensuring its legality, certification and documentation, transactions history, and the product quality itself.

How does Tanihood ensure the quality of the products?
  1. Tanihood will verify every Farmer group’s own laboratory results and data to ensure product quality, or Tanihood may get involved directly by getting random samples on the field to be researched in a laboratory.
  2. Before shipping, Tanihood will provide a third-party Independent Surveyor which is listed in the Farmer group’s organic certification organization, or other authorized agency.
How does Tanihood sets the standard for product quality?

Tanihood sets the product quality standard by comparing between similar exporting commodities that is high in demand in worldwide markets, or/and following buyers requests. However, for certified products and products that have its own geographical identity, Tanihood will market them according to their own quality.

What will buyers received in a documented form to ensure product quality?

If a request is made for a Certificate of Analysis (COA), buyers will receive as such, containing standard analysis items needed. Buyers will also receive a Certification of Inspection (COI) from the listed Farmer group’s organic certification organization.

Can I appoint my own Independent Surveyor to oversee my orders?

Yes, you may appoint your desired Independent Surveyor yourself, with certain requirements from us which are verified by our system.

What is COA?

Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a document from an authorized third-party or manufacturers containing proof that a certain product has gone through laboratory research–said laboratory being at least internationally accredited, and/or acknowledged by buyers or sellers, which can be used in a sale or delivery contract if needed.

What is COI?

Certificate of Inspection (COI) is a document on a certain product’s conditions, which can be used as an assurance for quality and the number of products, measurement and weight, packaging, packaging amount. Published by a third-party agency or an independent surveyor–whom is valid and acknowledged by the government and well-known among international traders, COI has qualitative and analytical inspection reports made based on sampling inspection from 2% of weight or real composition.

What if the product does not comply to the specification previously agreed on?

Tanihood will provide product replacements after it is proven that the specification of the product does not comply.

How do I submit my complaints against any products?

You can file a complaint by following these procedures:

  1. Send your complaint to complaint@tanihood.com.
  2. Send documents proving discrepancy on your orders, such as:
    • Proof of payment (bank slips, etc.)
      • Payment via bank transfer (T/T), with bank stamp attached.
      • Payment via Western Union, with MTCN attached.
      • Payment via Online Banking: Please screenshot the whole transaction page, with the URL and payment status attached.
    • Delivery Order.
    • Commercial Invoice.
    • Third-party inspection document.
    • Photo of products (taken no more than 3 days after product is received).
  3. Tanihood will forward the complaint to the Farmer, and they will provide the reasons for discrepancy in 2-3 working days.
  4. Tanihood will consider a solution for both parties.
Can I provide my own shipment to the departing harbour?

Only verified shipping company will be used by Tanihood. If you prefer, you may enlist your desired shipping company first to Tanihood.


Am I required for a deposit before hand?

Yes, to ensure the buyer’s commitment, Tanihood will need a deposit of 50% from the total invoice.

Can I use other financial services besides bank transfers, such as Alipay, Credit Card, L/C, Western Union?

Currently, we only accept payments via Corporate Bank Account. However, we are considering other options to facilitate our buyer’s convenience.

Does Tanihood only use FOB system (Freight on Board)?

Yes, as for now we only provide monitoring through Indonesian harbours only. However, we also provide sailing statistics which can be used easily and directly from our system, in case you do not have any connection regarding sailing.

How can I see the status of my orders?

Tanihood have a system for buyers to check on orders, starting from planting, harvesting, production, packaging, and shipping. You can oversee your orders on the “order” menu on your buyer dashboard. We will also send notifications from time to time to update you on your orders.

I have no experience in importing products, will Tanihood help me?

Yes, Tanihood can help by using a third-party agency to assist you in your country.

I don’t have a license to import, will Tanihood help me?

Yes, Tanihood can help by using a third-party agency to assist you in your country.

I want to sell products from non-Indonesian manufacturers, is that possible?

We are very sorry, Tanihood will only serve products from Indonesia for the time being.

How does Tanihood cuts off the distribution line?

We work directly with the Farmer groups, whom as of now doesn’t have any obligations to other party.


What documents will I receive?

Buyers will receive as following:

  1. Commercial Invoice

It is an invoice which automatically created after placing an order.

  1. Packing List

It is a document which contains description of packing materials and packing procedures. The name and description of goods must matched the ones in the Commercial Invoice.

  1. Bill of Lading

It is a receipt which will be included in the shipping cargo, which is also an ownership receipt that can be used as a shipping contract via the sea.

Can I ask for documents other than mentioned above?

Yes, you may request for other documents needed, such as Phytosanitary, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Analysis, Health Certificate, etc.

How long will those other documents be processed?

Depending on the type of document requested, processing documents may take from 3 up to 14 working days.

Can I use Telex?

Yes, you may use Telex if all payments are completed. Telex costs USD 100.

Will the document shipping cost covered by Tanihood?

Yes, the document shipping cost is included in the price.

Can I go and visit the Farmers?

Yes, you may visit the farmers accompanied by our team.


How to buy or sell products on Tanihood?

First, you need to have an account to access Tanihood online. You can click ‘Sign Up as Supplier’ if you want to sell products, or click ‘Sign Up as Buyer’ if you want to purchase. Fill all the blank spaces with your actual information. Make sure you entered a working E-mail address, as we will contact you through that E-mail.

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