Indonesian Coffee and Ecotourism

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Traveling is a common thing that some people do whenever they need to take a break or unwin. But, have you ever went on an ecotourism? What is ecotourism, you asked? If this is the first time you heard that term, this is the definition, “A form of tourism involving visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas.” But what we’re about to dive in in particular is, coffee ecotourism.


The Malang district in Indonesia should be proud, they have the first ecotourism managed by the local farmer group themselves. At Desa Amadanom, subdistrict Dampit, to be exact, this organic coffee ecotourism has caught everyone’s eyes and attracts local and international tourists. Located on an approximately 2.000 square meters land, the Amadanom coffee plantation ecotourism offers activities, starting from learning how to plant and grow; processing aspect, right until preparing your own coffee and enjoying it.


Coffee available there are Robusta and Arabica, but the leading coffee is the Robusta Amadanom which is picked directly from the plantation. The coffee is freshly picked and then processed, without any chemicals whatsoever. People can enjoy a sip of coffee right at the plantation, or at gazebos provided which are surrounded by the coffee plantation.


Besides enjoying a cup of fresh coffee, visitors can also go to the gallery located at the site, which sells Amadanom coffee in the form of beans and also powder. But if you are just interested in tasting the sensation of the coffee without the hassle of traveling far, you can visit Tanihood.com, the first e-commerce in Indonesia specializes in exporting organic agricultural products, that sells top organic coffee, including the Amadanom coffee. Coffee lovers, rejoice!

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