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In Indonesia, there are now a lot of coffee variants that became famous across the world, including Gayo, Toraja, Java and many others. Along with this popularity, Indonesia has become the fourth largest coffee producer in the world.


1 Brazil 34,500,000
2 Vietnam 23,200,000
3 Colombia 12,800,000
4 Indonesia 6,891,000
5 Honduras 5,589,000

Source: International Coffee Organization


Hopefully the number above can be increased, as the Indonesian government alongside Indonesian coffee stakeholders work together in programs to do so, with a goal to reach 1.2 million tons per year in the next decade.


Indonesian provinces with the most contribution in coffee production:

  1. Bengkulu (Southern Sumatra)
  2. South Sulawesi
  3. Lampung (Southern Sumatra)
  4. Aceh (Northern Sumatra)
  5. North Sumatra


With a total of 1.24 million hectares in plantation–where 75% of it are robusta, coffee becomes the fourth biggest state’s stock exchange in Indonesia, after palm oil, rubber, and cocoa, for agriculture commodities. In 2015, 64% of Indonesia coffee is exported, whereas it dropped down to 60% in 2016. The decrease is apparently caused by higher demand from domestic markets.


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