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Do you ever wonder, where the term ‘a cup of java’ comes from? Well, apparently the Java region used to have one of the most popular coffee back in the days. When Indonesia was still colonized by the Dutch, back in 1696 the VOC commander, Adrian van Ommen, brought the coffee seeds from home to Batavia, or what is now known as Jakarta, and plant it there. The harvest was a hit and was soon acknowledge by the world because of its superb taste and aroma that distincts from other coffee beans in Indonesia and the world.


In the book, A Cup of Java, an exhibition was held from May to August 1893 to commemorate the discovery of the American continent by Christopher Columbus. That particular event was packed, mostly because they served Javanese coffee beans from Indonesia for the visitors. From then on, ‘a cup of java’ was a term to be recognized worldwide.


As time goes by, the glory of Javanese coffee soon plummeted. Caused by the pest known as Hemileia Vastatrix, the coffee commodity in Java can only last on a 100 meters altitude above the sea level, and slowly became more and more less popular than they were before. More replacements was brought by the Dutch, and soon the Javanese coffee’s reign was thrown over.


Today, the people of Java once again wishes to be acknowledged for their ‘cup of java’ by the world, as their coffee produce has a unique and fine taste. And not just merely a produce, coffee beans in Indonesia now has become a culture, promoting locations of plantation as coffee ecotourism.


Coffee beans in Indonesia planted in Center Java are mostly Arabica, whereas in East Java are generally Robusta. A good Javanese coffee has a richness that is low-toned which is typical of coffee beans in Indonesia, at the same time feels full and thick yet clean, and often has a slight spicy and smoky taste to it.


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