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As an agrarian country that is rich with natural resources, Indonesia is often became the
object of colonization back then for said natural resources. As time progress, with blood,
sweat, and tears as part of the resistance of the people, Indonesia has become a liberated
nation for almost 74 years and still counting. Indonesia has grown to be an independent
country, with a lot of great potentials to be developed. But there is one thing remains the
same for all those years, that is the abundance of natural resources that Indonesia is
blessed with.

Even though it is rich with natural resources, there was a time when Indonesia used
pesticides and chemical fertilizer to increase the total harvest, which lasted for a pretty long
time as other countries did. But with a lot of research that concludes the bad effects of those
chemicals for our food, people came to a realization that organic products are better. This
findings also awakes the Indonesian government to encourage the use of organic products
in order to naturally fulfill the nutritional values of their people.



Comes the ‘1000 Organic Villages’, a program fully funded and supported by the Indonesian
government, which gives training and improves the cultivation process for villages all over
the country, to the extent of the products being certified organic EU, USDA, NOP, and COR.
In this program, Tanihood–an Indonesian exporter for organic products such as organic
coconut sugar, coffee beans Indonesia, coconut oil, and a lot more, has been appointed by
the government to assist the farmer groups and organic suppliers in order to market their
products overseas. As an Indonesian exporter, Tanihood is chosen by the Agricultural
Ministry due to their excellent track record in engaging transparently and great services
towards international buyers, and also in increasing the well-being of farmers by giving them
a fair price, resulting in a win-win solution for both parties.

For the best organic agricultural products from curated farmers from the program ‘1000
Organic Villages’, visit https://tanihood.com. A wide selection of products is available such
as organic coffee, coffee beans Indonesia, organic coconut sugar, desiccated coconut,
arenga palm sugar, virgin coconut oil, coconut oil, turmeric, red ginger, and moringa.

For more products information check our marketplace at https://market.tanihood.com


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