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Indonesia should be recognized for its agricultural sector because of the abundant of great produce it has. The agriculture sector remains to be the country’s aggregate Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and internationally significant in its production and export of rice, palm oil, coffee, cocoa, rubber, and spices. Unfortunately, Indonesia is still no match to other producing countries, due to the major fact that the quality of Indonesian products are not well-preserved and maintained.


Food quality and safety should be a priority because it is the main requirement from countries who import organic products for Indonesian exporter to be able to export. To ensure fair international trade in global markets, an international consensus on food standards is being established by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, including food safety standards. The goal is for the consumers to be the benefactor of these international standards, which is safe, wholesome and properly labelled.


Because food safety is closely related to health, it is a critical issue in many countries. Unfortunately, not the case for Indonesia. Many reporting problems about food safety in Indonesia are caused by basic errors in preparing foods due to the lack of knowledge of basic food safety. The same problem also exists within exporting food to the international trade arena. Many Indonesian exporter foods are detained, or worse, refused entry by countries who import organic products. This is in fact, saddening, due to the abundance of Indonesian agriculture.


Therefore, these problems can be overcome and avoided if those who prepare foods are well-trained in basic food safety. That is the case with Tanihood, an organic ecommerce and Indonesian exporter, specialized in exporting high-quality goods. To ensure food safety, Tanihood provide the best produce from trained and trustworthy farmer groups and suppliers. Every product that Tanihood offer are curated and verified. Hopefully Tanihood’s contribution in the agricultural sector will restore the world’s trust in Indonesian agriculture once again, and other Indonesian exporters will follow.

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