PANDAI Program for Farmers

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Financial literacy apparently plays an important role in a person’s life, including farmers, for the sake of their own financial stability. EDU Foundation along with Allianz Indonesia has been organizing trainings regarding this field for a while.

Trainings were divided into several lectures, in the form of simulations and discussion methods, with the hopes of easier comprehension from participants, and also to reduce self-consciousness and reservation in expressing their opinions. The sessions ranged from writing down the participants’ own hopes and expectations, setting up a financial goal, managing finance, insurance, study cases on problematic business loans, to making a family financial budget.

The trainings were held from September 24th to October 1st 2019 for farmer groups Rejeki 17 (Probolinggo), Mawar (Lumajang), Sidomulyo (Jember), and Kopi Rejo (Banyuwangi) in their respective areas. Participants are mostly men in all areas, except for farmer group Kopi Rejo, where females are a considerable part of the participants, with age ranges from 20-65 years old.

Some farmer groups have different characteristics and potentials also for other produce. Farmer group 17–located at Desa Watupanjang, East Java, has the best potential for Arabica coffee, famously known as Kopi Arabika Krucil. Desa Watupanjang also has the potential for producing dairy cows, unfortunately lacking a good phone signal and a proper road for traveling to the location.

For farmer group Mawar, is located at Desa Pasrujambe, East Java. With an altitude of only 500 meters above the sea, the best coffee to be grown there is Robusta coffee, called “Mawar”. Other than coffee, the area also has the potential to grow fruits such as avocadoes and bananas.

Another farmer group that has other potentials for their products other than coffee, is farmer group Kopi Rejo. Located at Desa Gombengsari, East Java, this farmer group is also producing goat milk called “Susu Kambing Etawa”, aside from the famous Kopi Lego.

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