The Famous Robusta from Sumatera, Lampung

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Robusta coffee is notoriously known as the more inferior when compared to Arabica. But, don’t be mistaken, Robusta has a cult following and considered as a deep flavored and strong coffee, so much so that it earned its place as the second-most-popular in the world.


Indonesia is the largest Robusta coffee producer in the world, making it the number one contributor for an export coffee commodity in the country. And Lampung Robusta is the most popular of them all, where the largest plantations at Kabupaten Lampung Barat reach 53.611 Ha in width, and the second largest is 43.267 Ha, located at Kabupaten Tanggamus.


This particular type of coffee has been around for pretty long. From around 1900s, Robusta coffee, or coffea canephora, was first brought by the colonial Dutch government to Indonesia, to replace Liberica coffee. Amazingly, unlike other coffee plants, Robusta held its place as a plant with high-resiliency against diseases and pests.


Robusta coffee plant is easier to tend and grow because of its high-resiliency. Higher content of caffeine and less sugar makes it so. And it grows and produces fruit quicker than Arabica, therefore naturally inexpensive in price.


But cheaper doesn’t make it less flavorful than other coffee bean types. Robusta has a deep flavor and complex taste nevertheless. With earthy flavor notes, Robusta is the perfect blend to add-in for your Espresso shots, with the addition of a good, nice and thick crema on top. It is well-suited for coffee lovers with a more harsher and stronger preference.


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