The Winning Virgin Coconut Oil with Plenty of Benefits

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For people that already jumped into the bandwagon of healthy living, must have made a lot of research on what the best product is for supplementing their way of life. Sooner or later, they must have come across on VCO or Virgin Coconut Oil. What is VCO you ask? And what distinguishes it from other coconut oils such as the refined coconut oil or extra virgin coconut oil?


Basically, VCO is oil extracted from coconuts using a specific kind of technique. It’s called ‘virgin’ because it is extracted from a single press of fresh coconut meat that is grated and dried for a couple of hours at a temperature lower than 40 degrees Celsius, which is the cold-pressed technique. Because there is no second press and the extraction temperatures are low, the yield per kg is much lower than other oils using other techniques, hence the higher price tag for VCO.


VCO is known for its nice fragrance and taste, and it is higher in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, MCFA (Medium Chain Fatty Acids), and also proteins. It is richer in benefits due to the fact that it is not subjected to heat. VCO can lasts  longer than other edible oil.


The difference between VCO and refined coconut oil other than its nutritional values, is mainly on the extraction method. VCO is using the cold-pressed method, whereas refined coconut oil is using the high-heat processing which is a pretty common way to mass-produce coconut oil. As for extra virgin coconut oil, the word ‘extra’ is just a marketing ploy and are meaningless, as there is no regulation concerning the purity of this specifically named coconut oil.


The amazing benefits of VCO ranges from skin, hair, to health. From a study about coconut oil that has transpired for many years, its paradoxical biochemical structure made from saturated fats is beneficial beyond limits. VCO being processed using cold-pressed technique retain these benefits.


For the skin, the oil can remove dead cells and strengthens the tissues present underneath the skin. VCO is also known as a wound healer, which can induce fast recovery by applying it on the affected area. Even drinking a pint size amount of VCO can be a reliever from infection. By applying it to the hair can help strengthen the roots. It can be achieved simply just by massaging it to the scalp, which also helps with hair growth.


VCO is also great in building the immunity system by preparing antibodies to improve it. A study done in Sri Lanka resulting that heart attack rates has gone up ever since reducing the consumption of VCO. The saturated fatty acids seemingly “bad”, are actually good for the body. It can reduce bad cholesterol level and lessen the risk of heart attacks.


Other benefits includes weight loss, reducing stretch marks, improving digestive system, reducing seizures, and lots more. These are just only a few mentioned, whereas people are actually using VCO for a lot of things with excellent results.

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