Training for Farmers, A Program from Tanihood and Allianz Indonesia

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Handling food is not a matter to be taken lightly. In order to maintain the quality of your product, a farmer should be properly trained on food safety and management warehousing. As the farmer groups in the program PANDAI (Petani Digital Allianz Indonesia) are all already organic EU, USDA, and COR certified and groomed with the intention to export, Tanihood alongside Allianz Indonesia has also provided these trainings for them. Promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture Indonesia, the trainings will be given to farmer groups from 10 areas in 3 provinces in Indonesia. The management warehousing training will be given according to food safety standards applied on exporting countries.

It is not an easy task to be tackled, but these farmers are in spirit to change bad habits into good habits, in order to introduce their products overseas into the international markets. With new procedures to be followed, going through costly infrastructure changes, we still believe in these farmers, that they can compete with others in the international market by providing high-quality products.

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