What Is Specialty Coffee?

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Apparently, there is such a thing as grading coffee beans. When coffee beans
are graded, (in coffee term it’s called “cupping”) it is done by a certified Q
grader. In definition, if the cupping score of the coffee reached 80+ points in a
scale of 100, and there are not many defects seen in a sample of the beans,
the coffee is then called specialty coffee.
To achieve the grade of specialty coffee, close attention must be paid in every
step of coffee production. First, the seed has to be good quality seed, and
since specialty coffee can’t have many defects, planting needs to be carefully
cultivated and harvested at the perfect time. Same attention in details also
needs to be considered when picking the beans and processing them right
after to prevent spoilage, because when done wrong it can give coffee
impurities and a bad bitter taste that can’t be removed afterwards. Lastly, the
taster or “cupper” will do a visual check, a chemist-like roasting, brewing,
smelling and “slurp” sounding tasting of the coffee.
People are increasingly interested in high-quality coffee especially in the
north-west of Europe, which profiting the specialty coffee Indonesia
tremendously. Specialty coffee mostly is not available in mainstream retailers,
but consumers with special preferences in taste and quality will find them in
specialized shops. Countries known to producing specialty coffees are
Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil and Indonesia.
In Indonesia, there are some popular specialty coffees. Each coffee has a
unique taste and characteristics, and generally has its own enthusiasts. The
ones from East Java are starting to get recognitions and fans, locally and
internationally. Some of the popular specialty coffees from East Java are:
 JAVA PANDAN, Arabica, with 84.5 cupping score, flavor: caramelly,
fruity (snakefruit), fragrant pandan (strong aroma of pandan leaves).
 JAVA ARUM, Robusta, with 84.125 cupping score, flavor: medicinal,
caramelly, cereally-corn, sweet acid, woody, and tamarind.
 KETAKASI, with 83.625 cupping score, flavor: caramelly, spicy, sweet,
excellent, nutty, flowery, and chili-aroma.
 TUTUR COFFEE, with 82.45 cupping score, flavor: caramelly, spicy,
excellent, cereally, sweet corn, and rice beans.
 ROMA, Robusta, with 82.125 cupping score, flavor: dried fruit, liberoid,
caramelly, and acidity.
 LEGO, Robusta, with 80.75 cupping score, flavor: caramelly,
chocolatey, spicy.
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