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Coconut sugar has become a very popular alternative to white sugar. It’s ought to be available in your kitchen, if  you are serious regarding your health. It is actually made up of sucrose, with small amounts of glucose and fructose. It has several benefits to it. An individual might believe that coconut sugar is generated from coconuts, but its not. Coconut sugar might be less popular than sugar cane. While it contains inulin, it may not contain enough to significantly affect blood sugar levels. Even though it contains some nutrients, you would get a lot more from real foods.

Not Refined Coconut Sugar

Indonesia has attracted importers of coconut sugar from around the world, supplying huge amount of coconut sugar in Europe, Middle East, USA and Asia. Indonesian farmers work days and nights to produce quality coco sugar. Indonesia has one of the largest coconut area harvested, 3M hectares.

How different folks absorb sugar varies. Sugar contains natural minerals and vitamins that support a healthful lifestyle for folks that are active. Palm sugar is created from the tree’s sap. It is made from the sugar-rich sap. Coconut palm sugar and cane sugar contain nearly the exact same quantity of fructose, but there’s more pure fructose in cane sugar, which might cause problems for those who have diabetes.

Coconut sugar is full of protein! It could be one way to avoid that without having to soak anything. It is like no other sugar you have used and cannot be substituted one-to-one with more common sugars. If bake with coconut sugar, you are aware that it’s not like other sugar. You also wish to purchase coconut sugar which is not highly processed. Coconut sugar may be used in almost anything you may consider! It will taste differently from recipe to recipe, so some tweaking will have to be done.

Global coconut industry leading countries include Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. These top 3 have maintained top coconut sugar producers and accounted for about 80% of the global coconut sugar. The coconut sugar manufactured in Indonesia is high in demand in international countries like Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, U.S, France, Canada, Australia and North America.

Tanihood is high quality organic coconut sugar supplier from Indonesia, connecting local farmers and suppliers with international market. We are certified by USDA,EU,COR,SNI Organic Certificate.

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