Why Indonesia is the Best Coconut Sugar Supplier 2019

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Indonesia has emerged as the best coconut sugar supplying country in the world. One of the reason is Indonesian farmers working days and nights to produce quality coconut sugar making Indonesian culture a better coconut sugar production country.

Coconut Sugar in Indonesia

Global Coconut Sugar Suppliers

Coconut sugar is made with coconut palm. These coconut palm trees are found in millions in Indonesia and the graph above shows the other countries where these coconut palm trees are found in huge numbers.

Coconut Sugar Supplier Indonesia

Coconut Palm Trees Across the World

Coconut palm tree can produce up to 70 fruits per year, but it requires proper care and growing conditions, Indonesia’s rich cultural practices works well to grow these trees. It can produce their first fruit in six to ten years.

Coconut Sugar Supplier

The Demand of Coconut Sugar Industry

The demand of coconut sugar has driven this industry in Indonesia to next level. The awareness regarding the benefits of coconut has spread and this Global coconut sugar market is expected to witness a boom considering the application in food and beverage industry. Coconut sugar is made with coconut sap. Overall, the increasing demand for coconut sugar in natural food industry is expected to touch highest level over the forecast period.

Coconut Sugar Supplier Indonesia

Indonesia Stands No.1 in Coconut Sugar Manufacturing

Based on the data generated from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Statistics (FAOSTAT) website. Indonesia has one of the largest coconut area harvested, 3M hectares. Here is the detailed coconut area harvested of top 10 countries in the world from 1994 to 2016.

Coconut sugar contains natural minerals and vitamins that support a healthful lifestyle for men and women that are active. In truth, it is a lot sweeter than cane sugar. Coconut sugar is created from the sweet sap of coconut flowers. It also contains the healthy fats that have research suggesting they can help prevent high cholesterol and heart disease. In any case, different coconut sugar might also have different degree of sweetness.

Coconut Sugar Exporter

Coconut Sugar Exporters

Global coconut industry leading countries include Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. These top 3 have maintained top coconut sugar producers and accounted for about 80% of the global coconut sugar. The coconut sugar manufactured in Indonesia is high in demand in international countries like Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, U.S, France, Canada, Australia and North America.

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